What's going on?

Bottling time has sprung………eventually.

It is with much satisfaction and happinness that we can report that Domaine des Trinités has wine in stock at long last. After the disaster of 2018 when our entire harvest was lost to the devastating onset of mildew, 2019 brought us a nice harvest, the majoirty of which was due to be bottled in April 2020, Covid 19 had other ideas.

Thanks to the help and support of some very good friends, workers and family, after 2 days (10/11th June) of very hard work all the wines are safely in our cave.

A massive thank you to the Wednesday team of Paul, Bruce, Chris, Alison and Alice + pals for some of the day, for a great effort on what was a trying day (sorry no camera on Wednesday) and to the Thursday team of the van der Veer West side massive of Rochelle, Noah and Joshua and to newbie Jo. Not forgetting Alice and pals Julie and Elora. Needless to say, we couldn’t have done it without you all.

And the result of all this hard work……..


Please come and sample the goods. We have the 2 whites, rosé, a really nice light, fresh summmer red plus all the usual wines. I can’t tell you all how good it is to be able to say this after so long.

Hope to see you all soon! Monica, Simon and Alice xxx

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