A winemaker’s diary


I have been asked by the good folk at the Herault Times to give a seasonal account of what a winemaker/Vigneron actually does throughout the year when he’s not clogging up the traffic bumping along on his tractor at 15km/h on busy roads.

March sees the race to finish the pruning which has been on-going since mid November of the previous year.  At Domaine des Trinités we have approximately 25 hectares of vine, with in total about 100,000 vines to prune in about 4 months. A colossal, repetitive but probably the single most important task of the year. The way in which the vine is pruned will have a profound effect on not only the yield, but also on the timing of bud burst, the shape of the leaf canopy, bunch position and the overall macro-climate within the canopy itself. These factors alone along with the years weather have a huge impact on the quantity and most importantly the quality of the fruit we will harvest that year.

By the end of March, before the arrival of the delicate buds that can easily be damaged whilst pruning, this marathon should be over. So having made perhaps 1 or 2 million cuts with your lethally sharp electronic secateurs, you’d think that it was perhaps time to kick back and celebrate that the pruning is over for the year and that you have again emerged with all 10 digits intact. Well no, the race is now really on as silly season is truly underway.

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Wine Additives – a cautionary tale

The scene –  La “Cave Atemptor” somewhere in the world

Two wine enthusiasts/geeks coming over all Jilly Gouldenish whilst sampling  the wines from the above mentioned Cave.

“I’m getting a hint of pub carpet and just a faint blush of Baboon armpit……no wait a minute, no it’s not Baboon, no, no it’s actually Gibbon armpit, probably the left one”

“Yes, I’m with you and I’m finding also a soupcon of  fish bladder,  a frisson of carbon followed by a satisfying  burst of bovine liver on the finish”

Followed by much stroking of beards etc.

All pretty absurd I hear you say and so it is yet the second comment is not quite as loony as it appears, indeed the Cave in question should be in fact a warning to all buyers as they would certainly not be alone in being guilty off adding all sorts to their wine whilst keeping the customer in blissful ignorance.

It’s a  fact that under EU laws written by litigators in order to protect against litigation nearly all wine additives have no requirement to be listed on labels. Strange but true!

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Wine into Water

We’re delighted to be able to announce, Domaine des Trinités’ 4th “Wine into Water” event to raise money for WaterAid UK, will take place on Sunday August 4th, starting at 11am.

Due to the fact that next Sunday’s event filled up so quickly, we’ve decided to do another a little later in the summer. Same format –

“The day starts with a guided walk through the vines, followed by a talk and tasting in the winery accompanied by Monica’s famous Catalan tapas. Then we retire to the terrace for a “bring and share” picnic lunch and of course a glass of wine to quench the thirst.

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